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Product Description

Product Description


PA66 MC Nylon Sheet


100% new virgin materal




any size (can be customized)


Natural, white, black, green are standard colors, custom colors are available


1.2 g/cm3

Service Options

CNC machining, welding, bending, thermoforming, fabrication and assembly

PA6 has the best performance, very tough, even at low temperatures, and high surface hardness,
mechanical lower shock, and abrasion resistance
. Combined with these characteristics and good
insulation, and chemical properties, it has become common-level materials. It’s widely used in a
variety of mechanical structures and spare parts. Compared to PA6, PA66 own the higher hardness,
rigidity, better resistance to wear and heat deflection temperature. Temperature resistance
from -40ºC to 110 ºC. 

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After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Mc Nylon
Kind: Engineering Plastic Sheet
Water Absorption: <0.01%
Contraction Percentage: 2.0%~5.0%
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




What is the role of power lock materials and coatings in performance and longevity?

The choice of materials and coatings in power locks significantly influences their performance and longevity. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel or reinforced alloys, contribute to the overall durability of power locks, ensuring they can withstand repeated use and environmental conditions.

Coatings play a crucial role in protecting power locks from corrosion, wear, and other forms of damage. Weather-resistant coatings, for example, are essential for outdoor applications to shield the locks from the effects of rain, snow, and UV exposure. Anti-corrosive coatings further enhance longevity, especially in coastal or humid environments where corrosion is a common challenge.

The combination of robust materials and effective coatings not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of power locks but also extends their lifespan, making them more reliable components of security systems over the long term.

China Hot selling Rubber Injection Molded Service CHINAMFG  China Hot selling Rubber Injection Molded Service CHINAMFG
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