China OEM ABS/PC/PA66/POM/TPU/PP/Pet/HDPE/PVC Plastic Injection Mold/Mould Sanitaryware Bathroom Toilet Accessories Closestool Injection Molding/Moulding Molded Parts

Product Description

Products Information
Product Name  Plastic Injection Mold Sanitaryware Bathroom Toilet Closestool
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould
Surface treatment Polish. Etched. Texture
Ejection System Ejector pin
Part Material ABS
Part Size(MM) 21.5*50.3*15.4
Mold Standard HASCO standard
Packaging According to customers’ requirement
Mould Steel A plate S50C
B plate S50C
Cavity Insert S136 (HRC 45-50 )
Core Insert S136 (HRC 45-50 )
Slider Insert 2344
Ejector Plate S50C
Spare Parts S50C
Mould Description Mould Size(L*W*H MM) 300*560*250
Mould Gross Weight(KGS) 965
Mould Life Time(Shots) 1,000,000
Mould Manufacturing Cycle 35 days
Surface Finish Polishing
Runner Description Hot runner
Ejection System Eject blade
Cycle Time(Second) 45s
Injection Gate Type Side gate


Mould Type Plastic Injection Mold
Mould Material P20/718/738/NAK80/S136
Mould Runner Cold Runner/ Hot Runner
Mould Gate Slide Gate/Sub Gate/Pin- point Gate
Cavity Single /Multi Cavity
Moulding equipment CNC,Wire Cutting,Milling Machine,EDM
Raw-material ABS,PP,PC,PA6,PA66,PVC,POM,PMMA,PS etc
Package way Wooden pallet, carton 
OEM/ODM Welcome and please offer 2D/3D file or sample 
Lead time About 20 days

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Warranty: 3 Years
Shaping Mode: Injection Mould
Surface Finish Process: Polishing
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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China OEM ABS/PC/PA66/POM/TPU/PP/Pet/HDPE/PVC Plastic Injection Mold/Mould Sanitaryware Bathroom Toilet Accessories Closestool Injection Molding/Moulding Molded Parts  China OEM ABS/PC/PA66/POM/TPU/PP/Pet/HDPE/PVC Plastic Injection Mold/Mould Sanitaryware Bathroom Toilet Accessories Closestool Injection Molding/Moulding Molded Parts
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